Homelessness In Indiana



2015 Point-in-Time count Done by Jesus Cares At Exit 0 on Jan 28th 2015 counted 64 homeless individuals in Clark county 2 in Floyd county, 19 who were female & 45 who were male. 5 were veterans, 21 with some form of mental illness, 51% suffer from a addiction, 48 camp in Jeffersonville, 14 in Clarksville, 2 in New Albany. This year there was 4 that were remembered due to them loosing there lives on the streets, Robert Asher passed on 12-24-2013, Kevin Lapacek was a couch surfer but well loved in the ministry he was struck by a car in May 2014 on his way to a hotel for the night, Bruce Patterson was found June 25 2014 by the Hardies in Jeffersonville in a small patch of woods Bruce had breathing issues and was on the streets often,  Paul found in Clarksville during the summer of 2014 back in his camp, Lastly Mike Campbell October 2014 from New Albany. The Haven house also reported 104 in the shelter and 28 living in motels on this night as well.   (Final report not out yet)

According to the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority’s 2014 Point-in-Time count, Clark County had 142 homeless individuals, 56 who were female and 86 who were male. Seventeen were veterans, 39 were chronically homeless, 32 reported a mental illness and 21 reported substance abuse. Most were over the age of 24 but 14 were under 18 years old. Only eight families or individuals had children, while 111 did not.

In Floyd County , there were 59 homeless individuals with 47 females and 12 males. Twenty-six were under 18 years old and 21 households had at least one child. There were no veterans or chronically homeless and four were recorded for the mental illness and substance abuse categories each.

2013 Point-in-Time count, Clark County reported 156 homeless individuals and Floyd County reported 69 individuals.

Numbers at the county level were not collected in 2012 or 2010, but 2011 and 2009 numbers suggest that homelessness was not as widespread.

2011 Point-in-Time count Clark had 109 homeless individuals while Floyd reported an outlying number of 138 that year.

2009 Point-in-Time count, Clark County reported 80 homeless individuals and Floyd County reported 35.

However, some local experts on homelessness say that these numbers are a less-than-accurate picture…….


State of Indiana Breaking down by populations by category, Indiana’s 2014 Point-in-Time Homeless Count observed:
5,971 persons comprising 4,503 households were homeless during the last week in January 2014.
Of the 5,971 persons found and identified as experiencing homel
– 5,568 were staying in emergency shelters, safe havens or in temporary
transitional housing programs.
403 were unsheltered and found on the street. (403 unsheltered ? This basically says that Clark & Floyd county was HALF this number 201)
– 3,827 households were persons without dependent children.
– 654 households were with dependent children.
– 1,277 were under the age of 18 years old.
– 710 of the adults counted were veterans.
– 1,203 of the adults counted were persons fleeing from domestic violence.
– 542 identified themselves as being characterized as “chronically homeless.”
– 933 adults counted identified themselves as having a substance abuse disorder.
– 770 of the adults counted identified themselves as having a serious mental illness

Information from INCDA

State of Indiana Point in Time Count by Years

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