Operation EMPWR Coat Posted September 9, 2016 by admin


With Winter right around the corner Exit 0 wants to get our local homeless prepared for this years weather. So We are Reaching out to our Donors to help with Purchasing 50 Coats that turn into Sleeping bags for our Local homeless From The  Empowerment Plan. This will help the most vulnerable out on the streets who suffer from Mental Illness who endure the Cold elements & could save there life. So the challenge is that we are looking for 50 Sponsors to Donate $100 this is the cost for 1 coat but please know that every dollar raised adds up to purchase a coat …… So many of you may still be asking, What is a EMPWR Coat?


The EMPWR coat is a water-resistant and self-heating jacket, which can transform into a sleeping bag, or be worn as an over-the-shoulder bag when not in use. The coat is constructed of upcycled automotive insulation, fabric from Carhartt, and other materials provided by generous donors.

The Empowerment Plan can produce 1,000 coats on a budget of $100,000. Our studies show that for each 1,000 coats distributed, we can save 14 lives and reduce healthcare costs by $58,800 annually. Also, each recipient of an EMPWR Coat will make at least one less emergency room visit per year due to hypothermia. Assuming an average cost of $4,200 per visit, we estimate reduced healthcare costs of $58,800 for every 1,000 coats we distribute. Each year approximately 7% of homeless individuals die from hypothermia. Our coat reduces this statistic by over 20%.

Our goal this year is to produce and distribute 6,500 coats across the United States and Canada.

So We ask Who is up for a Challenge to Keep our Local Homeless Warm This Winter? Please Donate Today & Thank you to Everyone Who donates to Exit 0 ……